Sunrise / Sunset Times in Homer

Daylight seems to be the most common question for guests that have not visited Alaska. The chart below gives the sunrise and sunset times for our Lodge in Homer, Alaska. Civil Twilight is when the center of the sun is 6% below the horizon. This is when it will first start getting last sight of light in the evening. The time between civil twilight ending and civil twilight beginning is when it becomes dark. June 21st is the Summer Solstice and is the longest day of the year, with about 22 1/2 hours of daylight. December 21st is the Winter Solstice and this is the shortest day of the year, with about 7 hours of daylight. The Lodge at Otter Cove has blackout drapes in all our cabins.  This provides complete darkness so everyone is comfortable sleeping. Look and see how light it will be during your visit to the Alaskan wilderness. Sitting outside in a rocking chair watching what seem like a never ending sunset during the summer is absolutely amazing.

May 154:29 AM5:30 AM10:33 PM11:34 PM
May 164:26 AM5:28 AM10:35 PM11:37 PM
May 174:23 AM5:25 AM10:37 PM11:40 PM
May 184:20 AM5:23 AM10:39 PM11:43 PM
May 194:17 AM5:21 AM10:41 PM11:46 PM
May 204:14 AM5:19 AM10:44 PM11:49 PM
May 214:11 AM5:17 AM10:46 PM11:52 PM
May 224:08 AM5:15 AM10:48 PM11:55 PM
May 234:05 AM5:13 AM10:50 PM11:58 PM
May 244:02 AM5:12 AM10:52 PM12:01 AM
May 254:00 AM5:10 AM10:54 PM12:04 AM
May 263:57 AM5:08 AM10:56 PM12:07 AM
May 273:54 AM5:06 AM10:58 PM12:10 AM
May 283:51 AM5:05 AM11:00 PM12:13 AM
May 293:49 AM5:03 AM11:01 PM12:16 AM
May 303:46 AM5:02 AM11:03 PM12:19 AM
May 313:44 AM5:00 AM11:05 PM12:22 AM
June 13:41 AM4:59 AM11:07 PM12:24 AM
June 23:39 AM4:58 AM11:08 PM12:27 AM
June 33:36 AM4:56 AM11:10 PM12:30 AM
June 43:34 AM4:55 AM11:11 PM12:32 AM
June 53:32 AM4:54 AM11:13 PM12:35 AM
June 63:30 AM4:53 AM11:14 PM12:37 AM
June 73:28 AM4:52 AM11:15 PM12:40 AM
June 83:26 AM4:51 AM11:17 PM12:42 AM
June 93:24 AM4:50 AM11:18 PM12:44 AM
June 103:23 AM4:50 AM11:19 PM12:46 AM
June 113:21 AM4:49 AM11:20 PM12:48 AM
June 123:20 AM4:49 AM11:21 PM12:50 AM
June 133:18 AM4:48 AM11:22 PM12:52 AM
June 143:17 AM4:48 AM11:23 PM12:53 AM
June 153:16 AM4:47 AM11:23 PM12:54 AM
June 163:16 AM4:47 AM11:24 PM12:56 AM
June 173:15 AM4:47 AM11:25 PM12:57 AM
June 183:15 AM4:47 AM11:25 PM12:57 AM
June 193:15 AM4:47 AM11:25 PM12:58 AM
June 203:15 AM4:47 AM11:26 PM12:58 AM
June 213:15 AM4:47 AM11:26 PM12:59 AM
June 223:15 AM4:48 AM11:26 PM12:59 AM
June 233:16 AM4:48 AM11:26 PM12:58 AM
June 243:17 AM4:49 AM11:26 PM12:58 AM
June 253:18 AM4:49 AM11:26 PM12:57 AM
June 263:19 AM4:50 AM11:26 PM12:57 AM
June 273:20 AM4:51 AM11:25 PM12:56 AM
June 283:22 AM4:51 AM11:25 PM12:55 AM
June 293:23 AM4:52 AM11:25 PM12:53 AM
June 303:25 AM4:53 AM11:24 PM12:52 AM
July 13:27 AM4:54 AM11:23 PM12:50 AM
July 23:29 AM4:55 AM11:23 PM12:49 AM
July 33:31 AM4:57 AM11:22 PM12:47 AM
July 43:34 AM4:58 AM11:21 PM12:45 AM
July 53:36 AM4:59 AM11:20 PM12:43 AM
July 63:38 AM5:00 AM11:19 PM12:41 AM
July 73:41 AM5:02 AM11:18 PM12:39 AM
July 83:43 AM5:03 AM11:17 PM12:37 AM
July 93:46 AM5:05 AM11:15 PM12:34 AM
July 103:49 AM5:06 AM11:14 PM12:32 AM
July 113:52 AM5:08 AM11:13 PM12:29 AM
July 123:54 AM5:10 AM11:11 PM12:27 AM
July 133:57 AM5:12 AM11:10 PM12:24 AM
July 144:00 AM5:13 AM11:08 PM12:22 AM
July 154:03 AM5:15 AM11:07 PM12:19 AM
July 164:06 AM5:17 AM11:05 PM12:16 AM
July 174:09 AM5:19 AM11:03 PM12:13 AM
July 184:12 AM5:21 AM11:01 PM12:11 AM
July 194:15 AM5:23 AM10:59 PM12:08 AM
July 204:18 AM5:25 AM10:57 PM12:05 AM
July 214:21 AM5:27 AM10:56 PM12:02 AM
July 224:24 AM5:29 AM10:54 PM11:59 PM
July 234:27 AM5:31 AM10:51 PM11:56 PM
July 244:30 AM5:33 AM10:49 PM11:53 PM
July 254:33 AM5:35 AM10:47 PM11:50 PM
July 264:36 AM5:38 AM10:45 PM11:47 PM
July 274:39 AM5:40 AM10:43 PM11:44 PM
July 284:42 AM5:42 AM10:41 PM11:41 PM
July 294:45 AM5:44 AM10:38 PM11:38 PM
July 304:48 AM5:47 AM10:36 PM11:35 PM
July 314:51 AM5:49 AM10:34 PM11:32 PM
Aug 14:54 AM5:51 AM10:31 PM11:29 PM
Aug 24:57 AM5:53 AM10:29 PM11:26 PM
Aug 34:59 AM5:56 AM10:26 PM11:22 PM
Aug 45:02 AM5:58 AM10:24 PM11:19 PM
Aug 55:05 AM6:00 AM10:21 PM11:16 PM
Aug 65:08 AM6:02 AM10:19 PM11:13 PM
Aug 75:11 AM6:05 AM10:16 PM11:10 PM
Aug 85:14 AM6:07 AM10:14 PM11:07 PM
Aug 95:17 AM6:09 AM10:11 PM11:04 PM
Aug 105:20 AM6:12 AM10:09 PM11:00 PM
Aug 115:23 AM6:14 AM10:06 PM10:57 PM
Aug 125:25 AM6:16 AM10:03 PM10:54 PM
Aug 135:28 AM6:19 AM10:01 PM10:51 PM
Aug 145:31 AM6:21 AM9:58 PM10:48 PM
Aug 155:34 AM6:23 AM9:55 PM10:45 PM
Aug 165:37 AM6:26 AM9:52 PM10:41 PM
Aug 175:39 AM6:28 AM9:50 PM10:38 PM
Aug 185:42 AM6:30 AM9:47 PM10:35 PM
Aug 195:45 AM6:33 AM9:44 PM10:32 PM
Aug 205:48 AM6:35 AM9:41 PM10:29 PM
Aug 215:50 AM6:37 AM9:38 PM10:25 PM
Aug 225:53 AM6:40 AM9:36 PM10:22 PM
Aug 235:56 AM6:42 AM9:33 PM10:19 PM
Aug 245:58 AM6:44 AM9:30 PM10:16 PM
Aug 256:01 AM6:47 AM9:27 PM10:13 PM
Aug 266:03 AM6:49 AM9:24 PM10:10 PM
Aug 276:06 AM6:51 AM9:21 PM10:06 PM
Aug 286:09 AM6:53 AM9:18 PM10:03 PM
Aug 296:11 AM6:56 AM9:16 PM10:00 PM
Aug 306:14 AM6:58 AM9:13 PM9:57 PM
Aug 316:16 AM7:00AM9:10 PM9:54 PM
Sep 16:19 AM7:03 AM9:07 PM9:50 PM
Sep 26:21 AM7:05 AM9:04 PM9:47 PM
Sep 36:24 AM7:07 AM9:01 PM9:44 PM
Sep 46:26 AM7:09 AM8:58 PM9:41 PM
Sep 56:29 AM7:12 AM8:55 PM9:38 PM
Sep 66:31 AM7:14 AM8:52 PM9:35 PM
Sep 76:34 AM7:16 AM8:49 PM9:32 PM
Sep 86:36 AM7:19 AM8:46 PM9:28 PM
Sep 96:39 AM7:21 AM8:43 PM9:25 PM
Sep 106:41 AM7:23 AM8:40 PM9:22 PM
Sep 116:44 AM7:25 AM8:37 PM9:19 PM
Sep 126:46 AM7:28 AM8:34 PM9:16 PM
Sep 136:48 AM7:30 AM8:31 PM9:13 PM
Sep 146:51 AM7:32 AM8:28 PM9:10 PM
Sep 156:53 AM7:35 AM8:25 PM9:07 PM