From a Gold Boom to Salmon: The History of Homer, Alaska

Homer is a city in the southern part of Alaska that sits on the Kenai Peninsula. Homer is located about 125 miles southwest of Anchorage. This area of Alaska was originally settled, inhabited, and founded by the Inuit Eskimo and the Tanaina Indians. Today, the area is home to about 5,830 residents and there is a sparse suburban, small-town feel to the area. Back as early as 1889 there were coal mines established in the area and by 1895 a gold prospector by the name of Homer Pennock moved to the area and the city of Homer was born. The gold boom in Homer, however, was relatively short-lived as most mining activities had been stalled by the early 20th century. 

In the place of mining activity came the industries of commercial fishing and the strong tourism industry that is in place in the city today. Ever since Homer has been renamed the “Halibut Fishing Capital of the World” after one of its most popular catches which is the halibut fish. There is also still a healthy presence of farming in the area, and the area still has vast reserves of coal available for mining in the future. 

Sightseeing is another giant attraction to the Homer area. The area boasts over 400,000 acres of beautiful sightseeing destinations that range from Kenai Bay State Park to the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. These different landscapes include glaciers, forests, and mountains, which means that there is a landscape and a setting that will interest virtually any tourist who may come through the area.

See Wild Animals in Their Natural Habitats in Homer’s Kachemak State Park

If you are wanting to go sightseeing to see animals in their natural habitats, then visiting Kachemak State Park is a must while you are in Homer. The Kachemak State Park will allow you to view animals in their natural habitats as it’s a critical part of the area’s local wildlife reserves on the peninsula. If you are near the water, you can see animals such as sea otters, seals, porpoises, and whales. If you go on land through the nature trails you can observe animals such as moose, black bears, mountain goats, coyotes, and more. You will also enjoy seeing unique birds like eagles or puffins, which make it a top area for birdwatching in the area as well.

Take a Tour at the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge

Another great place to meet and see exotic animals in a reconstructed biome is the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. Reconstructed biomes at this refuge are diverse to meet all of our animal’s needs. Whether you want to see animals that live in the tundra, forest, or coastal regions, we have reconstructed biomes that are homes to animals as diverse as moose, black/brown bears, wolves, lynx, and more. We also have lots of sea life in our area including an area for sport fishing that allows you to catch salmon, trout, and halibut to name a few of the fish that are up for catching. 

Sightseeing and Enjoying Nature Through the Lodge at Otter Cove

In addition to state parks and wildlife refuges, the Lodge at Otter Cove allows you to get out into nature to do further exploring of all that the beautiful Homer region and Kenai Peninsula have to offer. We offer an up-scale lodge experience while allowing you to enjoy activities like fishing, kayaking, wildlife viewing as well as hiking. A short flight seeing adventure allows you to bear view in Katmai National Park.

When you are done with your adventurous day, you will get to come back to our beautiful, comfortable, all-inclusive lodge where you are able to experience authentic lodge living, while enjoying home-cooked meals on-premises and a comfortable place to rest after a long day of adventure. We also offer a variety of different options for larger groups such as lodge buyouts for things like family reunions, weddings, or other important events. For more information on staying with us, please feel free to reach out to us through our website and we will contact you with more information. We look forward to seeing you in beautiful Homer, Alaska at the Lodge at Otter Cove!