Our Story

Family-Owned and Operated

Joe, the family patriarch is an avid sportsman. He caught his first fish at 5 years old with his Uncle Ricky and he was ‘hooked’…

Over the years our family has traveled fished, explored, and always looked for adventure. Originally from the Midwest, lived on Maui, and eventually fulfilled a lifelong dream to live in Alaska. A great friend and mentor, Roger, shared his love of Alaska with us and inspired us to create this first-class lodging experience with a heart of hospitality. With over 35 years in the hospitality business, Joe is a certified trained chef who likes nothing more than to share homecooked meals with family and friends.

Our family’s goal is to exceed your expectations and create memories of a lifetime surrounding this amazing Alaskan experience.

We look forward to having you join us in our passion for the outdoors !

A call to the wild and for the wild. I saw it while fishing in Homer. It was a majestic day, like every other. Even though it was summer and there was no snow, it was still a bluer cold. The boat rocked as we drove, making sharp ascents as we went over waves, slamming back down into the surface after each gain. We rounded the large open corner of the mainland to see it. An island in the open ocean, making a glorious opening and inviting us to draw closer.

The island was magnificent in its structure, being overgrown and full of wildlife. Birds were everywhere and they rested on anything. They rested on the trees, beaches, rocks, and logs, they were there. A flock of them working together as almost one, too large to see each individual but still beautiful. The many different caves dotted the island giving an otherworldly feel, but still very much earth. A flat center gave refuge to the birds roaming the crevasses.

Looking out at the ocean it looked back at me. Otters surfaced around us, curious as to what we could be. They dove down into the deep to find prey far below where eyes mattered. We had just stopped at the spot and started to get ready. Pulling rods out and attaching hooks. Each of us dropping our lines down, into darkness. Waiting patiently for something to happen. Waiting, slightly bobbing, ready, ready… BOOM.

Jake Chmeleck